Women Who Play, Heal, Love!

When women choose to gather who laugh, grow, and support each other, we enhance and practice the art of self-love.

We choose to pay attention to our strengths to take inspiring actions.

We enjoy life with loving expressions that heal.

We express mindful thoughts, words, music, art, writing, creativity unleashed...  

We expand habits that heal and create an incredibly supportive and playful format for manifesting joy.

Below are friendly reminders to engage and invest in life:


Recommend, and attend Movies and Read Books with positive character development roles

Learn to prepare Food from near and far

Plan Day Trips to fun, new places: gardens, museums, labrinths, tea/herb shops


Join Yoga, Tai Chi, Cycling, Water or Land Aerobics, walking group or explore hiking paths

Join Meditation Classes with Supportive Group Communication

Experience Reiki Shares


Create strong bonds of friendship through sharing and investing time together

When we give and receive, the synergy of the group boosts confidence and positively impacts other relationships.



Contact Diane to begin by joining our montly Meditation Group if you please.