Reflexology: a holistic healing method; involves pressure and manipulation of the reflex points located on the feet and hands.  Reflex points in this case refer to the "reflection or mirror image" of the whole being


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Benefits/Common Results:Click Here to Find Out More About Reflexology

  • Release Stress and Tension
  • Improve Circulation
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Balance the Nervous System
  • Boost Lymphatic Function
  • Stimulate Sluggish/Congested Systems
  • Improve Sleeping Patterns
  • Increase Energy/Vitality
  • Detoxify & Cleanse the Body
  • Improve Skin Tone/Condition
  • Promote Self Healing

 Your Reflexology Session (feet and/or hands) may include:

Each session includes an optional follow up call or e-mail.

Cost: $90 Per Hour with First Session at 75 Minutes  

Cost: $45 Per Half Hour   

Multi Session Discounts Available

Date/Time:  By Appointment

Contact Diane to reserve a session date/s and for payment options to complete your reservation

All payments are final. 

(Minimum of 24 hrs. notice required to reschedule.)


Quantity Options

Savings w/cash or check.

More Benefits:

Senior Health:  "...older adults experienced significant improvements in mental and physical well-being, including reductions in blood pressure and pain levels ... considerable improvements in their ability to perform 'activities of daily living,' increased psychosocial well-being, and significantly reduced daytime sleepiness and pain. Participants also reported greatly improved perceptions of control over falls and had reductions in resting diastolic blood pressure." 


Hospice: Study shows "100% of the reflexology group benefited from an improvement in quality of life: appearance, appetite, breathing, communication w/doctors, family, and nurses; concentration, constipation, diarrhea, fear of future, isolation, micturition [urinatiion], mobility, mood, nausea, pain, sleep and tiredness." Also noted:

"Within the reflexology group, the participants reported an improvement in all components of the quality of life scale compared to 67. 5 in the placebo group. Nevertheless, this study would suggest that the provision of reflexology for palliative patients within the general setting could be beneficial. Not only did the patients in this study enjoy the intervention, they were also 'relaxed,' comforted' and achieved relief from some of their symptoms. (6)*"   

See the following link for references and more benefits:


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