Dear Ones,

This heart-felt invitation is for all those of you who have a dream or a calling to create and enhance healthy relationships. Come into the circle of support, gratitude, and unconditional love that will nurture every ounce of your Divine Intelligence and spirit into feeling loved, loveable, and loving.

My mini-book PlayHeal, Love! The Art of Creating Healthy Relationships has been completed. Below is an excerpt from the summary of the book.

"Are you ready to release shallow, unforgiving, insensitive or controlling relationships? Do you desire to attract relationships that harmonize and heal?

Discover how to overcome the need to settle for less. Feel the excitement and energy of your renewed purpose and passion for life and connect with the confidence that you can attract healthy, healing relationships.

Play, Heal, Love! Celebrate each step of your journey to live your best life with support and guidance from intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and Holistic Coach Diane C. Esposito."

Holistic Coaching Sessions infuse the transformational thoughts, beliefs, and inspired actions of Play, Heal, Love! 

Limitless blessings of love, light, and joy,


Option:  Before booking your Holistic Coaching Session, call 203-913-3869 to reserve your 15 Minute Complimentary Consultation