Holistic Coaching

When you feel the need for additional support, there is an empowering alternative to struggling with stress, anxiety, overwhelm and more.

Phone Coaching provides an affordable, swift way to access support, guidance, and tools to help you relax, rejuvenate, and let stress work for you. This allows you to live your Best Life now.  You learn to process life's lessons from the energy of love rather than fear.

60 Minute Holistic Coaching Sessions by Phone or Face to Face. Save with package pricing options to suit your needs.

Each session includes an optional follow up call or e-mail.

Multi Session Discounts Available

Cost: $90 Per Hour with First Session at 75Minutes

Cost: $45 Per Half Hour   


Date/Time: By Appointment 

Contact Diane to reserve a session date/s and for payment options to complete your reservation.



 All payments are final. (Minimum of 24 hrs. notice required to reschedule.)



Quantity Options

Save w/cash or check. 



Do you Feel Disorganized or Distracted at Home, Work,  in your Vehicle, with your Tasks, or even with "What you say 'Yes'or 'No' to in your LIFE"? 

The 6-Session Coaching Package will empower you with the practice of the Fundamentals of EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. You will learn the Art of Relaxation, Release, and Refreshment for yourself with take-home techniques that provide a "handy" method for responding to any form of "stress" in a way that helps you feel better, connect with insights that heal, and expand a free-spiritedness you will treasure.

If you are ready to turn Distraction into Focus and Disorganization into Flow, register for the new Themed Coaching for Focus and Flow and learn to Invest your Energy rather than Spend it. Feel the Magic as you receive the Keys to expand joy and fulfillment with every breath and every step:


Session 1:  Master the Art of Creating Healthy Relationships

Session 2:  Focus on "What is Important" rather than be Overwhelmed by what Is or Seems Urgent

Session 3:  Turn Procrastination into Inspired Actions

Session 4:  Create Habits, Perceptions and Beliefs that Honor Your Desires

Session 5:  Keys to Effective Flow of Uplifting Energy w/7Main Chakras

Session 6:  Keys to Maintaining Focus & Flow 


Pre-class Feedback: Michelle Johnstone-Morris shared:

"I loved my individual Reiki Session on organization.. I was able to walk away with some great insights, and coping skills... and more exciting being able to put them to use right away!! and be happy about it! I'm looking forward to the Distraction and Disorganization to Focus and Flow class... Thanks Diane!"


Dates:  Sessions to Be Scheduled 1 to 2 weeks apart

Time:   1st Session 75 Minutes; 2nd to 6th Sessions  60 Minutes   

Cost:   $70/Session Total: $420

           All Payments are final. Must prepay to confirm your reservation.

Contact Diane for Brief Pre-Class Consultation, Dates, and Times