Jennifer - Hamden, CT - After receiving her Reiki I On-Line Class CertificationAngela shares, "This class was don over Skype.  I had never skyped before.  I was pleasantly surprised - it went very well.  I wouldn't hesitate to Skype classes in the future. Diane is very receptive to questions/comments.  She also offers to say in touch after the class."

Jessica Liedke, Hamden, CT After her private Reiki II Class, Jessica relates:  "Beautiful experience! To others, embrace it with ope arms and open heart and you'll love the experience." She also felt a "Deepened sense of connection to sourrce, confirmation and securing of personal aswareness and power [of love].

 Angela Stevens - CT - After receiving her Reiki Master Teacher Certification, Angela shares, " I enjoyed this class very much; the experience was postive and uplifting.  I am gratgeful I chose you as my teacher as your knowledge and experinece of Reiki is great. I alway felt comforable to ask questions and for further clarity.  Thank you! It's not just a class, it's a Way of Being - it's a Life Style!

Allison Moro - Hamden, CT - After receiving her Reiki I Class CertificationAngela shares, "I feel that this is a great class for anyone who is interested in becoming more aware/in touch with their physical, spiritual and energetic bodies. This Reiki I Class gave me sufficient knowledge to begin practicing on myself and my family and a good foundation to build upon.

Rosalie- North Haven, CT - After receiving her Reiki I Class Certification, Rosalie feels the class is insightful and deepens her awareness of the potential for physical and emotional healing for herself and others: "It will help me on my journey of self-awareness and healing - connecting with my inner child."

"Elizabeth DeGennaro - CT After the Angelic Wisom Day Retreat: Diane, I am feeling much gratitude that our paths have crossed. I have learned from your teachings and am standing in my truth with more ease.  Although it is not easy living consciously, you have helped me to see that I am certaintly not walking that path without guidance.

... I have enjoyed your teaching style. Your use of real life examples and personal stories really help your students to digest the information presented. Your use of humor and playfulness really connects students with your joy and authenticity. Your genuine appreciation for our spiritual paths is evident, which aids the student in safe self discovery and to move towards acceptance and self love.
I hope you fully embrace how truely blessed you are - if just for today. :) Beth

Lynne McDonald, Durham, CT After her customized EFT/Reiki Session and ongoing Guided Meditation Classes, Lynne shares: "I feel very supported in my journey going to your Reiki/EFT Session and Meditation Classes.  My intention is to have a closer more harmonious relationship with my children and for better health and I've received miraculous affirmations to that effect."

Jennifer Tung, Madison, CT  With her Advanced Reiki Training ARTCertification completed, she notes that addressing personal issues and goals (especially with the Reiki Crystal Grids) helps with the integration of material and methods are more fun, usable, and memorable. She adds, "I feel confident, relaxed, and happy!"

Lisa S., Wallingford CT  With her Advanced Reiki Training ART Certification just completed, Lisa expressed: "OMG, I love myself in a way I've never loved myself, in a way everyone should love themselves."  and after her Holistic Coaching/Reiki Session she shares: "I just wanted to thank you again for helping me yesterday. It was exactly what I needed and will really make a difference for me. It was a great reminder of what I needed to know [remember] and I can already see things unfolding differently now! I’ll keep you posted. I’m glad I followed my intuition/guidance to come and see you!" Lisa S. Wallingford

 Anne, Old Saybook, CT After her custom Reiki/Reflexology Session shares:  "The experience was Incredible. The session provided reassurance and comfort as well as tips to do on my own that reinforced what was done in the session. You are a blessing."

Michelle Johnstone Morris, East Haven, CT After her customized Holistic Coaching/Reiki Session, Michelle shares: "I loved my individual Holistic Coaching/Reiki Session on organization.. I was able to walk away with some great insights, and coping skills... and more exciting being able to put them to use right away!! and be happy about it! I'm looking forward to the Distraction and Disorganization to Focus and Flow class... Thanks Diane!"

Claire Z. New Haven, CT After one in a monthly series of customized Holistic Coaching/Reiki Sessions, Claire relates: "Diane, today was truly amazing!  Surrender, indeed! (Surrender - her intuitive aromatherapy selection.)  I am feeling so much lighter after our session, so much more focused -- and dare I say it?  Less afraid!!!  Tonight when I lay down to sleep, it will be a whole differnet story, thanks to you.  I cannot thank you enough for that! [ month's session...] is on my calendar and I look forward to it! Enjoy the weekend, Diane, and thanks for your healing spirit!!!!"

Christine, CT  After one in a series of customized Holistic Coaching/Reiki Sessions, Christine shares: "Good Morning Diane! Things are going very well. Of course it is continued work staying present in a place that is most beneficial for my well-being.  In other words, it doesn't come quite as naturally as I might like it, but I am so grateful to have the tools to get back there when I recognize I'm getting off track.  I thank you almost every day for this.  It's almost like little gentle alarms go off and I start reflecting and then choose a different route, whether it be a different way to view a situation, a new approcach to handle the situation, or sometimes just plain old acceptance.  It's beautiful!  Things are changing in my life every day, for the better.  It feels like a disjointed, forced life that was full of frustration and worry is now morphing into a life filled with flow and acceptance and belief that my outlook can turn almost any situation into one that I can handle.

My trip to Hungary was exceptional.  I mean that in the sense that it has provided more direction.  I think in the past the trip would have been viewed as an "all or nothing", but now, I can appreciate what I learned and realize that this journey is going to take time and I need to appreciate every step, eyes, mind, heart wide open.  I have this feeling that there is "stuff" stuck inside of me that has been buried so deep from years of pain and hurt.  That pain and hurt caused me to clam up and live a life that was very protected and afraid.  I'm less afraid every day and all this great stuff is coming out that I feel really good about.  It is liberating and somethimes makes me feel like I want to scream (in a good way). 

[... I cannot thank you enough.  I am so grateful I read that article in the New Haven Magazine and came to see you.  It was just the right moment, and even though I came with some trepidation at that particular moment in my life, I realize that it was only becasue I was doubting myself so deeply, I was like a crumbled mess.  We spoke and it was SCARY, perhaps on of the scaries moments in my life when I realzied I didn't like myself, never mind love myself.  Maybe I felt that before, but never did the reality of what that meant feel so clear.  I accept that terrifying moment as I did then, it was a serious wake-up call. It was like "oh my god, how did I miss this"?  I lost my breath in our session mutliple times and knew something had to be done, and I really don't know how because I left that first session completely numb. My ability to persevere though that brief and terrifying moment serves as a constant reassurance that I can handle anything and everything that comes my way...graciously and with love, not only for myself, but those around me.  Again, it is a process and I still find myself processing negative thoughts on a daily basis, but they are much less and almost every time I find myself having those thoughts, I use that catch-pharse you taught me so well..." I'm going to love myself - or whatever you want to insert here- ...anyway". Yes!!

I came looking and you delivered.  This is not a gift that will be forgotten, instead, it will keep giving for the rest of my life.  Christine.

Marissa Mancini, CT  After her Reiki I Class shares:  "I'm so glad our paths have crossed and I thank you for the compassionate energy you emit :)

We can be so busy and caught up in our own lives that often we forget to stop and think about ourselves.  Through your Holistic Coaching and Reiki I training, I was able to refocus my attention on the important things in my life that needed some work- love and family.  I send Reiki everywhere I can- When I prepare dinner for my family with my mom, I send Reiki energy into our food.  While I'm cleaning the house, I send it into every corner of the room.

I came to you because I knew I was lacking and needed a spiritual boost.  I've been focusing on Reiki, my spirituality, and myself for two months now and have seen many positive changes.  As a student and a friend, I appreciate your guidance and I am most grateful.

I will never forget my Reiki I attunement- the sensation of warmth from the top of my head spreading down my back, bathed in a sea of green light.  I'm looking forward to furthering my Reiki Training with you!

Thank you for everything. Love, Marissa"

Susan Landry, CT  After her Reiki I Class shares:  "I recommend this class; I loved the course and Diane covers all important areas in detail [and integrates them in hands on practice]. She has great insight and wealth of knowledge and experience."

Jessica Hamden, CT  After her Reiki I Class shares and recommends: "Take full advantage of the pre-class attunement suggestions Diane makes, including your own [customized] Reiki Session.  I'm really glad I was in the best place possible to recieve [my Healing and Reiki I Attunements and the Practitioner training]. I loved it. I felt very supported, like it was a non-judgemental safe space to feel what a session is from the perspective of the practitioner [as well]  I'm very excited to experience Reiki more in my own life and with others.  The experience I've had so far has been wonderful.  I am looking forward to Reiki Shares and bringing Reiki moe into my life and being able to bring it to others as well.  It feels like a new beginning."

Karen Ferranti - CT After her first Holistic Coaching/Reiki Session, Karen shares: "The Reiki (and Holistic Coaching) session with you was very helpful in opening my mind to other ideas and areas I 'choose' to work on.  It became crystal clear for me that boundaries are a huge issue and that I need to learn how to set firm ones, and I have the power and the right to say No.  I have been reading a book to help in this area as well as including ME in my prayers each day.  Your analogy of flowing like 'river water over the river rocks' was also very helpful and I have used it in my work as well as keeping it foremost in my thoughts as I work through my day.  This is all thanks to working with you.  I look forward to our next session.  Karen" 

Karen N. - Middletown, CT  After Angel Blog Reading "Celebration":

"I love your Celebration [Angel Readings] blog.  When I rode my horse on the trail this spring, I saw a bluebird and got all excited...remembering how they are called the bluebirds of happiness.  I tried to stop to sit and watch him but alas, my horse would not "chill".   I didn't get upset with my horse though...I knew he was just a little "high" being out for one of the first times this year and we were heading towards home.  I did make him stay out a little longer though :) 

Just as nice to remember to play the song that is uniquely yours too...thank you for that reminder... that also spoke to me as a musician."   Karen N., Middletown, CT 

Angela P - North Haven, CT After her first Holistic Coaching/Reiki Session, Angela relates: "...the Reiki session was really great! I actually was so relaxed, I fell asleep right away when I got home. I also found that I am less worrysome and more productive. I took your advice in making everything I do a benefit (a choice rather than a "have to") for me. Now, when I have free time, I spend it doing things that make me feel good about what I've done and not always thinking that I am just wasting time. I remember to love myself and go to my "healing heart home" whenever I want or need to.  Thank you, I can't wait for our [Reiki I] class on Saturday!"

Beth - Yalesville, CT  "Reiki I training helped me to realzie that there is no"absolute" way to do a Reiki Session and to trust in my own ability to be a conduit of higher energy.  The hands on was outstanding - it all becomes clearer as I experienced the beautiful energy coming through me - it spurred more questiions and clamed a lot of my self-doubt. I feel more equipped with a foundation that will allow me to enter into practice (on myself) and family/friends with a nopen heart and without expectations:)"

Beth also ads: "Come with an open mind and heart. Don't let self-doubt keep you away from experiencing the beautiful energy of Reiki."

Jeneen – Fairfield, CT  "Diane- Thanks so much for my Reiki III Advanced Reiki Training ART attunement today. It was such a beautiful experience and I feel so fortunate to receive such wonderful guidance!"

Kathy Sweden – Newington, CT  "After attending an in-depth series of Diane's Angelspeake Class and Meditation Class, Kathy shares: " I want to send a heartfelt thank you...not sure if it was your doing...or the angel connection we had but we have been given the permission to engage with a loved one from time to time on the weekends,  so the fact that we will get to share our journeys from time to time warms my heart and elates me. :) Some wonderful things have happened since our last meditation;  planning to keep reaping in those benefits and feeling the wonderful gift of relaxation. :) Thanks for everything you do for each and every one of us. Your work is truly wonderful, amazing and most appreciated. Big hugs!"

“I enjoyed your Angelspeake Class last night.  Thanks so much for being a teacher and facilitator in empowering my personal journey.  [Note that we had incorporated letting go lessons based on Melody Beattie's "the language of letting go cards.] I stopped at Barnes and Noble on my way home for your Angel class to get a journal.  In the same section as the journals (in the discount area) was the book, “The Language of Letting Go”, by Melody Beattie.  I looked down, the book presented itself, and I bought it.  Interesting synergy and I felt the Universe was “speaking”.

Patty – Wallingford, CT  “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help this month.  Ever since our Reiki Session at the beginning of the month, I have felt so much better; much more at ease, much freer and less angry.  I felt like I released a lot of things that I’d been holding back for a long time.  In addition, I had an amazing conversation with my husband the same week I saw you, and my business has grown more in the last two weeks than it has in the last few months.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank You. Love, Patty.

Michele Corona - CT  Holistic Coaching:  “I first met Diane late last year during a time of great stress in my life. From just one session with Diane, I felt enormous relief. She is an expert in her field and takes the time to understand who you are before she begins any therapy\treatment. She is a kind, compassionate person and truly believes in helping others by offering personalized, customized therapies. 

If you are confused about holistic therapies, where to get started, or have obstacles in your life that you need help handling, give Diane a call. I'm sure she would love to hear from you.” 

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

 Jen – Meriden, Connecticut  “I have recently experienced  a series of three Reiki/Holistic Coaching sessions from Diane. I am impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and presence. Diane provides a clean, comfortable, sacred environment to explore the healing process . In all the sessions I had powerful experiences that were “just right” for where I happened to be that particular day. During the last session,  we worked with the “Seven Angels” and I experienced being whole for the first time, a life changing achievement. Diane facilitates the healing process with love, respect and honor for where I am in my journey.”

Gayle – Hamden, Connecticut

Reiki I Class Certification: “My recent class experience was deeply moving and enlightening in many ways.   The class was very informative and easy to follow and understand.  One of the most positive experiences in the class was the expanded self-realization and the teachings of positive ways to move forward.  The straight forward and to the point teaching style with ample consideration for my questions and comments helped me with retention and integration of the material.”

Erica – New Haven, Connecticut  With regard to class content and presentation of her Reiki I Class, Erica shares: “So good! Very well articulated.  Personal.  Made sense and resonated with my spirit.  Thank you!”  She expressed the hands on practice as a “Wow” and felt her questions were answered effectively and compassionately: “So much care and kindness; felt like I was being KNOWN in the process of learning.”

Daria – Milldale, Connecticut

After completing her Reiki I Class, Daria shared: “The content was comprehensive and thorough.  It was a great overview to the history and philosophy [of USUI REIKI].  The hands on was especially helpful. Diane did a fabulous job taking time to answer my questions and/or to provide additional information.  The handouts were very helpful to better understanding of Reiki and Chakras.  Meditation was [a] great way to kick off each class.

John – Wallingford, Connecticut  With Reiki II Class now completed, John relates: “Diane is a very loving and gifted teacher.  She puts forth all her energy to share and teach.  She guides us through the process gently and effectively, making sure all is understood.”

Desirea – New Haven, Connecticut  With regard to the Reiki I Class presentation, Desirea expressed: “Content answered all my questions and exceeded expectations. [The] hands on helped so much (even though I was nervous).  It is the way I learned best.”

Fran – Cheshire, Connecticut  Fran describes her Reiki III Advanced Reiki Training ART:  “Loved the explanation of the symbols, ways to remember the stroke patterns.”  She expresses that the teaching style helps her retain and integrate the material.  With regard to the class content, Fran finds questions to be effectively and compassionately answered.   She describes the hands on experience as “most helpful and affirming to know that it [Reiki] was effective for the client even though it was my first attempt.”  She shares: “Well organized, wonderful review/refresher on Reiki I and II symbols. A wonderful extension of training…environment was supportive.”

Anonymous – Middletown, Connecticut  After the Reiki Session, the client relates: “I felt empowered by sharing in the healing work, placing my intentions, inviting  my helpers and felt my grandfather kiss me on the forehead.  The timing of intuitive messages and content were perfect.”

Jennifer – Meriden  After her Reiki I Attunement: “That’s the closest to God, I’ve ever felt.”

Cindy – Wallingford, CT  Angelic Intuitive Reading & Reiki: Thank you for an absolutely touching, beautiful, spiritually-fortifying session with you yesterday. Your goodness, love, and kindness emanates with the spirit of a large choir of angels. I cherish your intentions, words, and appearance that all combine as the angels tell you. Thank you for letting me take the book [Play, Heal, Love! The Art of Creating Healthy Relationships] – I read parts of it today and look forward to continuing doing that outside in a peaceful place as you and St. Michael suggest. Again, everything you said with the cards and Reiki struck a chord, and I am enjoying this ‘knowing’ that God sent me to you and the angels and I are very pleased.  May God bless you and keep you strong forever! ”

Susan D. – Wallingford, CT  Meditation and Reiki: “I was skeptical at first about deriving any benefits from Reiki or meditation, but I went … with an open mind. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful, and quite conducive to meditation. I felt a sense of peace that helped melt the stress away immediately.  The next week I tried Reiki, and was pleasantly surprised how effective it was. I would definitely recommend both to anyone who suffers from stress, or needs an alternative method of pain control. As an R.N, I think it’s great to integrate traditional Western medicine with Eastern practices.

Diane is a genuinely warm and caring person, and it shows during her sessions.  ”

Chip D. – East Haven, CT  Reiki Practitioner Certification: “It truly has been n amazing experience..everything from meeting you and my classmates to watching my own life unfold before me.  And every day there is something new.  For a few days I was in what I refer to as a “euphoric state” just because I was elated and overwhelmed by all the things happening and this sudden burst of knowledge and understanding (which I can’t explain, but I embrace it).  But now I feel that I have settled somewhat and I am a little more focused on my path.

I have made it a point to welcome Reiki into my life every day and be thankful for the blessings given to me.  Some days I give myself a treatment other days I find ways to absorb information to further my understanding.  I would love to say I chose this path of enlightenment but I truly feel I was led to it and therefore I can’t take credit for it.  Regardless, I’m grateful for the outcome…and I am eternally grateful to you for your openness, your warmth, your love and your guidance through this wonderful journey.”