Angel Readings by Diane "Searching for Keys"

Dear One,

When you realize that you have spent much of your time searching for keys to happiness, success, health, wealth, love, and more, remember that your greatest progress is made when you allow yourself to be happy, successful, healthy, rich, loving and lovable by the way you think about yourself.

Do you relate to this scenario?  Even when I had just graduated from Business School and was hired as a Secretary to the Vice Presidents of Marketing in a progressive company, I always felt like I should have been able to be, do, and have more than what I accomplished - like I wasn't sharp enough, or fast enough, etc. Instead of celebrating my efforts, making empowering statements, and asking uplifting questions, I used to be my own worst enemy.  I still made progress but was always living in the past or the draining energy of what I "should have" been able to accomplish. This thinking just slowed my progress to a sometimes agonizing and fearful climb up the ladder of the corporate world and created unhealthy stress.

Rather than feeling energized and successful by relating to stress as a call to inspired action/s, I used to feel nervous and indecisive. I now remember that the keys to creating the most satisfying, joy-filled life of abundance rest within my own power of love when I choose to stand up for boundaries, habits, and perceptions routed in love rather than fear.

The way you perceive yourself teaches others how to perceive you. If you struggle with feeling good about yourself, learn how to integrate and master the basic habits that empower and move you to the heart of healing with Holistic Coaching.  Experience the clarity, support, release, and refreshment that partnering with Diane  has brought to countless lives.  Learn how to create a healthy relationship with yourself and to extend that out to others where appropriate.

Choose to invest in yourself either in the comfort of your own home via phone/skype or in-person customized sessions with undivided, loving attention to your needs. 


Angel Readings By Diane C. Esposito Week 71

All Steamed Up by Laura EspositoDearest Most Beloved One,

We are aware of your challenges with the swift rise of emotions at times when you most need to feel at peace.  When you see that you are in the midst of reacting with anger, frustration and just feel all steamed up, remember to take into account what will likely end up as a greater need for damage control.  Rather than become more and more defensive and offended, ask for the grace of a softened heart to melt away the fire of anger anyway.  

Even if you feel that you have truly been offended by someone's words or expressions of any kind, you may choose to -  if you wish to - allow your perceptions to be routed in love rather than fear.  When you release the  need to be in fear about what others say about you, you will refresh your thoughts, heart, and body.

"All Steamed Up" speaks to the light of discernment in the midst of the steam that allows you to remember the truth of who you are - a compassionate spiritual being having a human experience.


Angel Readings By Diane C. Esposito Week 70

Witness By John A. EspositoDearest Most Beloved One,

We love you and observe that your desire to move forward remains strong even in the midst of some confusion and reactions of others whose opinions may differ from yours. Now is the time for steadfast commitment to honoring the truth.

Before you continue to move so swiftly, pause to consider your true feelings rather than allow the expectations of others to rule your thoughts, words, and actions. Ask the Angels of Clarity to help you know God's will in this situation.  Ask: "What do I truly desire right now that brings about the highest good for all concerned?"

"Witness" speaks to the pause you take in order to become the observer and connect most fully with your Divine Intelligence and Guidance.


Angel Readings By Diane C. Esposito Week 69

The Bright Side By John A. EspositoDearest Most Beloved One,

We love you and understand your struggles and strains. Even when life seems too overwhelming and you feel out of sorts, we see right through to your light.  Remember to take a few steps back in your mind's eye so that you are not standing in your own shadow.  Then you will see the beauty, promise, and hope that shines in you.

Notice your sweetness and begin to tap into the happiness and joy by asking us (your guardian angels) to help you release the need to defend yourself.We are here to protect and guide you to treat yourself ever so gently.  Take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Be generous with yourself and tend your your needs.

"The Bright Side" speaks to your heart-light of compassion and loving kindness.  As you remember to be considerate with yourself, you will expand that consideration to others and they to you.  Life loves you and you love life!


Angel Readings By Diane C. Esposito Week 68

Hummingbird Medicine By John A. EspositoDearest Most Beloved One,

We Love you and acknowledge your desires to resolve every circumstance, to heal every relationship, and to manifest all of your dreams. Even when you feel that life isn't worth the effort and struggle has extinguished your passions, we remind and encourage you to be gentle with yourself.  When you come to this crossroad, simply sit down and refresh yourself with the cleansing breaths, with refreshing sleep, and with invigorating walks in nature.

With clarity of mind, strengthened physicality, and refreshed spirit, you will focus upon your strengths and set intentions that help you manifest abundance. Remember, that with each mindful step you take in the direction of your desires, you will strengthen your ability to say no to distractions and yes to your Divine Purpose.

"Hummingbird Medicine" speaks to the moments of stillness in between the movement and drumbeat of  life's activities that nourish your soul.

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