Angelspeake™ Inspirations by Diane July

Dearest Most Beloved One:

When we allow ourselves to be transformed by our own uplifting perceptions, beliefs, habits, and boundaries that are rooted in love rather than fear, we are living life to our highest potential with every breath, and in every present moment.   

We notice that when we are one with the spontaneity and variety of loving expressions, the spice of life becomes a freedom and an allowing we create for ourselves.  

We are reminded to choose to be responsible for the Energy we bring into each moment, place, circumstance, and encounter.  

We may choose to be loving, lovable, and feel loved, even when simply self-love, and even when others cannot seem to be that way. 

Deepest gratitude for the heartfelt participation of the Angelspeake™ students and for the blessings of their courage, playfulness, and enthusiasm.


Angelspeake™ Inspirations by Diane

Dearest Most Beloved One:

When we remember to allow ourselves to be gently, generously forgiving spiritual beings having a physical experience and to feel the nurturing benefits of mother earth immersed in the light of Divine Protection, we create a solid foundation for Mental/Emotional clarity and balance and an uplifting "Zest for Life". 

With child-Like imagination, we help ourselves to Play, Heal, and Love our way to what unites us to Joy and release what no longer serves the highest good.

We are then able to Breathe in Life with ease and grace and a certain familiarity that reminds us to celebrate our Highest Potential with every breath. 

We now choose to Release all attachments to outcomes and remain uplifted by the grace of God and our part in the journey of life!

Deepest gratitude for the heartfelt participation of the Angelspeake™  students and for the grace of their healing inspirations.


Angel Readings by Diane "Celebration"

Dearest Most Beloved One,

Celebrate the music that is you! Give yourself permission to heal, to be in the process of healing anyway - even when you are a work in progress in this lifetime. Your music is one with the symphony of all that is.  Play your part with a softened heart, dear one. Let all the unmet expectations melt away. For when you surrender, you will see into yourself, into the beauty, and joy that is your destiny, your life!

The Angels of Manifestation and Grace


Remember to exercise your imagination... and acknowledge that you have limitless potential to create healthy relationships, especially the one that you have with yourself.  

Imagine yourself feeling plugged in to the universal one song of the power of love and see yourself humming, singing, dancing, living the love out with passion!


Angel Readings by Diane "Healthy Relationships"

Dear One,

When you "talk to each other, rather than at each other" Face to Face and Heart to Heart - be aware of what your intention is. Ask yourself, "Do my words Improve Upon the Silence?" When you speak your mind, remember to include your heart as well so that your message is most relatable and evokes a response rather than defense or attack from those you are speaking to.

Look into a mirror and advise yourself of your intention before your relate it to someone else.  Notice how your tone of voice, your facial and body expressions come across.  Practice, practice, practice until you feel like you would be delighted to hear from yourself - then extend that message out to others where appropriate.  

Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you speak with compassion, generosity, and intention that is clear and routed in love.  All in the Highest Good.  With Deepest Gratitude.  This or better.

The Angels of Manifestation and Grace.


Angel Readings by Diane "Searching for Keys"

Dear One,

When you realize that you have spent much of your time searching for keys to happiness, success, health, wealth, love, and more, remember that your greatest progress is made when you allow yourself to be happy, successful, healthy, rich, loving and lovable by the way you think about yourself.

Do you relate to this scenario?  Even when I had just graduated from Business School and was hired as a Secretary to the Vice Presidents of Marketing in a progressive company, I always felt like I should have been able to be, do, and have more than what I accomplished - like I wasn't sharp enough, or fast enough, etc. Instead of celebrating my efforts, making empowering statements, and asking uplifting questions, I used to be my own worst enemy.  I still made progress but was always living in the past or the draining energy of what I "should have" been able to accomplish. This thinking just slowed my progress to a sometimes agonizing and fearful climb up the ladder of the corporate world and created unhealthy stress.

Rather than feeling energized and successful by relating to stress as a call to inspired action/s, I used to feel nervous and indecisive. I now remember that the keys to creating the most satisfying, joy-filled life of abundance rest within my own power of love when I choose to stand up for boundaries, habits, and perceptions routed in love rather than fear.

The way you perceive yourself teaches others how to perceive you. If you struggle with feeling good about yourself, learn how to integrate and master the basic habits that empower and move you to the heart of healing with Holistic Coaching.  Experience the clarity, support, release, and refreshment that partnering with Diane  has brought to countless lives.  Learn how to create a healthy relationship with yourself and to extend that out to others where appropriate.

Choose to invest in yourself either in the comfort of your own home via phone/skype or in-person customized sessions with undivided, loving attention to your needs. 

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