Angel Readings by Diane "Focus & Flow"

Dear Ones,  

Even when an overwhelming sea of urgency and anxiety seem to engulf me, when I remember to breathe deeply into my heart and ask myself "What is most important?",  I am able to connect with the gift of my present moment option to pose progressive answers.

When my ego blasts a hearty "I have no idea what's most important!"  I reply: "What's your best guess?"

When met with further resistance, hopelessness or even brain freeze, I remember to ask: "What can I do, be, or have that will help me to feel better now? "

Sometimes I just need to "sit down" at the crossroads. It's then that I remember to affirm: "I give myself permission to just be, to be the eagle above the storm of urgency and drama, to be the observer.

I soon recognize I am at times my own worst "Anxiety Maker", stirring up gallons, and barrels, and oceans of anxiety that are undrinkable, sinkable energies that drain.

I remember to say "thank you" for the contrast - the opposite of what I wish to create and to set that energy into stepping stones that create the meandering path in the garden of my life.  

I now walk upon the very struggles and strains that have been transformed into stepping stones, a path for persistence and thriving.

I Am the Observer, I Am that I Am.

Diane and the Angels of Manifestation & Grace

You are Welcome to Contact Diane to guide you to the Healing Arts that help you step into Focus & Flow with more ease and grace;  be true to yourself; feel better, think more clearly, care for yourself more lovingly, make agreements and keep them, heal relationships with yourself and others, and thus with finances, intimacy, food...unlimited as the imagination.  Scroll down to Group Coaching for the dynamic NEW Focus and Flow  Group Coaching Class.


Prayer from My Heart as You are Held Close with Open Arms

May You be Abundantly Blessed to:

Hear and Answer your Divine Calling;

Give and Receive Love, even when some of those you love cannot, will not, or are unable to do so;  

Allow the desire to rise in you to attract to yourself all that helps you to be the best you can be;

Receive the peace of God, the refreshment of the Holy Spirit, the guidance of the Archangels, Angels, Saints and Beings of Light most dear to you in your own culture or faith to help you take inspired actions that address all your fears, serve the highest good and fulfill your dreams;

Awaken to "joyfully experience" ways God manifests through you every day that unite you to your infinite soul-filled love for yourself and the whole of humanity; 

Receive answers to your prayers with your profound awareness and gratitude especially for the everyday little miracles and within each and every breath and step of your journey. 

Empower your Faith with love, including Faith in Yourself, in your purpose and passions on earth;

Expand your Fruitfulness with the grace, ease, and integrity to meet that expansion;

Remember, you are one with Peace, Healing, Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Joy, true and undying Love for God, Yourself and Others.

When you choose to pray for or share this prayer with others include yourself, the one who sent it to you and hold yourself and the others close in your heart with open arms. Remember that it is important to pray for yourself for the way you treat yourself teaches others not only how to treat you but how they may treat or perceive themselves.

Prayer, to hold close with open arms, is one of the best free gifts we give and receive. When you pray, Remember to Lean into God and you will be supported. You are Deeply, Dearly Loved and Appreciated.

Diane and inspired by Archangel Gabriel

You are Welcome to Contact Diane for guidance on how the various Healing Arts may best serve to help you Step into your Divine Calling, Purpose and Passions with more ease and grace;  Be Your True Self; feel better, think more clearly, care for yourself more lovingly, make agreements and keep them, heal relationships with yourself and thus with finances, intimacy, food...unlimited as the imagination.  



Angel Readings by Diane "Be Gift for One Another"

Dear One,

You are Gift to One-Another. So give yourself permission to Be Present, to be gift to Self and to One-another anyway...even when other's arrive unexpectedly with their expectations or evaluations.

Personal Reflection: When I choose to Be Gratitude - a "Thank you for sharing." from my heart warms the relationship. Whether or not grace warms the heart rests with the choice to give and recieve love. 

Remember to release the need to be attached to the expectations, evalutations, and outcome; choose to be love, loving, and loveable anyway.

Every Day, Every Step, Every Breath is a Holiday, a Sacred Day - "I Am Gift. I Am that I Am."

Happy, Healthy, Love-filled Every-Days to You!

The Angels of Manifestation and Grace


Angel Readings by Diane "Gathering"

Dearest Most Beloved One

Whether amidst a subtle or direct awareness of winter's approaching chill, autumn seems to evoke a gathering pattern of all that may help us to nestle into the coziness and comfort of home. Remember to see into your own Healing Heart Home - your Heart Center Rooms - and to fill them with the Hope, the Possibilities and Inspired Actions that allow you to live your Purpose and Passions on Earth with ease and grace and joy rising in you, anyway.

Personal Reflection: As preparations are made to gather with family and friends, to make new connections or refresh them, and to celebrate life and living, remember to recognize that what we see depends mainly on what we look for. Will you choose to gather or continue to gather evidence to prove yourself right or focus on what heals and unites? 

Ego judges and punishes, love forgives and heals; rember to give yourself permission to heal.

The Angels of Manifestation and Grace.


Angel Readings by Diane "Laughter"

Dear Most Beloved One:

Share the Laughter! Give yourself permission to laugh, to be one with the free spirit of the healing energy anyway - even when you are in the process of releasing the unhealthy relationships and creating healthy ones. Your laughter is one with the rhythm of Love.


Personal Reflection: When I choose to shower myself with the gift of Laughter, I invite Happiness and Joy into myself. I am responsible for the energy I bring into the relationship I have with myself and that which I extend out to others. Today and every day I choose to be loving to everyone with the simplicity of my smile inside and out.

The Angels of Manifestation and Grace.