Angel Readings By Diane C. Esposito Week 21

What's Under Your Hood by John A. EspositoDearest Most Beloved One,

We are here to support you in your desire for well being, respect, and abundance. When you see into yourself, what do you see? When you check in with yourself, what do you feel?  Take a moment right now, to answer yourself.

When I look into myself I see.  When I check in with myself I feel.When you honor and respect yourself, you speak your truth even when others want to hear something else.

Ask us to help boost your confidence to take actions that are in concert with your integrity. Release your fears of rejection, failure, or falling short to us for you are a perfect child of God who is deeply appreciated and loved.  As you head off to sleep, feel the presence of Archangel Michael  and ask for his help to restore your emotional, spiritual, and physical balance.

The essence of “What’s Under Your Hood” speaks to that which you feel most deeply and that which you see most clearly, even when you become vulnerable or exposed.

Empowering Question: What are the benefits of taking time to check in with yourself every day?  Example: I now acknowledge that when I take time to check in with myself every day, I am seen, heard, and understood.

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