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Angel Readings by Diane "What's Blocking My Blessings?"


Dear One:

When false or draining subconscious beliefs are exposed, then we may reframe them to allow Blessings to embrace us and be embraced by them. When we recognize the "false comfort" of these beliefs, then we may let them go. Below are some examples of the "false comfort" and the correlating shift to free-spiritedness and manifesting abundance:

  • Most rich people must be greedy and selfish
  • Most rich people must be risk-takers, adventurers, and willing to reach out
  • Most rich people have to buy their friends; they don't have true friends
  • Most rich people must be so generous that they have true friends whom they can rely upon
  • Being poor puts me in God's favor; I am then close to God
  • Being productive and rich in health, wisdom, friendship, intimacy, and wealth helps me help others to do the same; I feel close to God for having invested in God's gift to me of free will.
  • Being modest puts me in Gods' Favor; I am then close to God
  • Being certain of God's unconditional love in all circumstances makes me feel close to God
  • I must struggle and sacrifice to be close to God
  • I choose to persist and thrive rather than struggle and strain or be driven to exhaustion.
  • I am not meant to be rich; it takes continuous struggle, sacrifice, and hard work
  • I am meant to be Blessed; the riches of life and love flow to me with ease and grace
  • I am magnetized towards struggle; feels like I've made vows of sacrifice
  • I am one with persistence and thriving; I rescind and renounce all vows of sacrifice that are not of Divine Love
  • I am entrenched in poverty; feels like I've made vows of poverty
  • I am embraced by the riches of life; feels like I intend to be Blessed and share those Blessings now
  • I believe that Money is the root of all evil
  • I believe Money is simply energy
  • I believe that Money corrupts
  • I believe Money is what I make it by my Free Will intention
  • I believe Money makes good people do bad things
  • I believe Money can only do what I intend it to do - invest it or spend it 
  • I believe Money changes you
  • I believe you can change the world and yourself with Money

Limitless Blessings of Love, Light, and Joy, Diane & The Angels of Manifestation & Grace

You are Welcome to Contact Diane for guidance on how the Healing Arts may best help you Step into your Divine Calling, Purpose and Passions with more ease and grace;  Be Your True Self; feel better, think more clearly, care for yourself more lovingly, make agreements and keep them, heal relationships with yourself and thus with finances, intimacy, food...unlimited as the imagination.

Please share your thoughts and comment below. 

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