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Angel Readings by Diane "Love Yourself and One Another"

Dear One,

When you fall short of feeling loved, loveable or loving, you may ask for the Creator of All That Is - God's perception, understanding, and definition of unconditional love to be instilled in you. You may then receive the gift of wisdom now married to knowledge arising from truth based in love rather than fear, false comforts, attachments to outcomes or unmet expectations.

Even when the signs of discomfort, distraction or disease arise, you may choose to respond to them with the breath of clarity into your heartmind to direct yourself to that which you truly wish to "invest" your energy, thought, intentions and deepest desires in rather than "spend" them.

Limitless Blessings of Love, Light, and Joy, Diane & The Angels of Manifestation & Grace

You are Welcome to Contact Diane for guidance on how the Healing Arts may best help you Step into your Divine Calling, Purpose and Passions with more ease and grace;  Be Your True Self; feel better, think more clearly, care for yourself more lovingly, make agreements and keep them, heal relationships with yourself and thus with finances, intimacy, food...unlimited as the imagination.

Please share your thoughts and comment below. 

- See more at: http://personalharmonyandhealth.com/blog/#sthash.gRxf6yzF.dpuf

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