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Angel Reading by Diane "Divine Alignment" 

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Do you recognize the signs of living in alignment with Source and your Divine Purpose and Calling? 

When you pay attention to your answers to these questions, perhaps you will awaken more fully to the quality and depth of your connection:

How often and in what ways do you identify with and engage in your Calling?

Is your focus more on your Calling than being Accepted or Liked?

How frequently and in what ways are you engaged in the limitless potential of mastering the Art of Self Care?

In the face of numerous demands, do you feel open to Solutions, Receiving Support, and taking Inspired Actions with Gratitude?

Are you free from Blame for Self and Others or aware of these occurrences? How often do you make the choice to shift your Energy to that of a Response and taking Responsibility for your part in the circumstance, situation, or relationship rather than react?

Once you have refelcted upon these questions, one way to engage in transformation and to boost your comfort and growth is through the Healing Arts whether in small group such as Meditation, Angelspeake tm Classes or with private sessions which may include Akashic Record or Angle Readings, Holistic Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki and Guided Imagery. Notice if you feel called to connect with a practitioner that resonates best with you and take inspired actions that allow the blessings to manifest as you share your journey in this way.

Please share your thoughts and comment below.


Limitless Blessings of Love, Light, and Joy, Diane & The Angels of Manifestation & Grace

You are Welcome to Contact Diane for guidance on how the Healing Arts may best help you Step into your Divine Calling, Purpose and Passions with more ease and grace;  Be Your True Self; feel better, think more clearly, care for yourself more lovingly, make agreements and keep them, heal relationships with yourself and thus with finances, intimacy, food...unlimited as the imagination.



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