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Door Opener- The Healing Art of Reiki–What’s it All About?

Author: Diane C. Esposito

Reiki , defined as spiritually guided life force energy,  has promoted relaxation, stress and pain release for many  over the centuries.  Although Reiki is not a substitute for licensed medical or psychological care, it may be used to complement  these treatments.

When choosing a Reiki Practitioner,  begin with a brief consultation to be sure you are comfortable with the ethics and are guided on what to expect.  This is the time to express any questions or concerns.  An effective practitioner and/or Holistic Coach creates a safe environment for troubling thoughts, feelings, and physical discomforts to be shared and addressed in a personalized, non-judgmental, and supportive manner.

When practitioners discuss the benefits of Reiki, many clients  find they are better  able to relate to and feel gratitude for their progress. One or more Reiki sessions may provide subtle to obvious and continuing benefits:  relaxation, rejuvenation,  emotional and physical pain release, as well as personal and spiritual growth . 

Some of the most obvious benefits of Reiki can be seen in the warm glow of relaxation on the client's countenance and in their body language as they  step off of the Reiki table.  Some clients relate that they felt as though they had received an energetic massage.  Others share that they are finally able to sleep well.  Many express the decrease or elimination of physical and emotional pain or a sense of light-heartedness.

One of the most important aspects of a Reiki session may be the dedication.  For example:  The session may be dedicated to expand the Universal Consciousness to that of the Power of Love. Thus the healing is limitless in its scope.  It goes far beyond the practitioner and client, and the time of the session.  Results of a Reiki session unfold  over time.  Each client is invited to set the intention for the session.  This helps to create the focus for the session on what we can be, do, or have.

A session begins with a brief consultation to address any additional questions or concerns .  The practitioner then provides direction to relax on the Reiki table prepared with fresh sheets, blankets and pillows for comfort and support. Guidance may also be provided to take a series of cleansing breaths to relax further and connect with the Reiki energy. 

To begin,  a sweeping motion over the body from the head and down over the feet may be used to clear the aura or energy field.  Next, the hands may be placed on or over the body in predetermined hand positions over each of the seven main chakras or placed intuitively.  The energy may come across in several ways to the practitioner and client: warm or cold sensations,  tingling, pulsing, vibrating, drawing in or pushing out, and more.  At times the practitioner or client ceases to feel the sensations.   The client may simply relax more deeply or fall asleep during part of the session.

Practitioners have reported that their clients were freed from emotional and physical pain, anxiety, anger, and more during or after a Reiki session or series of sessions.  Many clients have  shared  that where the benefits of medical treatment and psychotherapy have been exhausted, Reiki has brought remarkable progress in healing.

For example, a client with phantom limb pain found several Reiki Sessions relieved the condition.  A  woman with ongoing ovarian pain found relief after one Reiki Session.  Others have reported relief from sleeplessness,  injuries, depression, disorders, and diseases.  Several scientific studies, such as those presented by Dr. James Oschman, author of The Scientific Basis; Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performanc;  and Science and the Human Energy Field, reference the benefits of Reiki and other hands on or over the body energy work which have prompted leading hospitals to offer them as a widely used complimentary pre and post operative service.   Among those in Connecticut are MidState , Yale New Haven , Griffin , and Hartford hospitals.

Since becoming attuned to  Reiki over ten years ago, integrating the ideals and teachings of Usui Reiki  has opened doors to create healthy relationships,  activate talents, and expand gratitude for beauty, strengths, and passions.  Personal Harmony and Health LLC was founded on these concepts  over three years ago, just after completing my Communication Arts degree. Volunteering as a Reiki Practitioner at MidState Hospital was the springboard to making this my life's work. The vision to bring the practice of Meditation,  and other Healing Arts such as Angelspeake™,  Magnified Healing,  Emotional Freedom Technique, Angelic Readings, Aromatherapy, and Holistic Coaching together was compelling.

Reiki has created the sacred space in my life to offer unconditional love, support, and guidance to integrate the keys to stress release, relaxation, and rejuvenation.  Coupling Reiki with Holistic Coaching has formed the pathway to support and nurture healthy relationships with oneself and beyond.

I could have never imagined so many people would find peace and healing through this Holistic Coaching and Reiki practice. Their journeys have inspired me to write my first book and online journal, Play, Heal, Love! The Art of Creating Healthy Relationships.  Their struggles and triumphs over divorce, disease, grief, pain, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem have moved us to the heart of healing. Every client, family member or friend who practices or receives Reiki, has created the pathway to healing for others as it has for me. Reiki is a practice that lives through us and helps us to focus on what unites us- Love.

Diane Esposito is the founder of Personal Harmony and Health LLC and that's just what she helps you bring out in yourself.  With personalized, interactive, private or group sessions and classes, discover how you can play heal and love your way to personal harmony and health.  Diane maintains her private  practice in Wallingford,  CT and provides options to receive services by phone or face to face. To reserve your Reiki Classes or Sessions;  Angelspeake™ Classes , Angelic Readings, Guided Meditations and Holistic Coaching,  visit her website   Call 203-284-1204 or email


Durham Town Times- New Healing Arts Practitioner in Durham Center

Byline: Cheri Kelley

A new business has opened within the Durham Naturopathic Health and Wellness Center located next to Eco Yoga at 16 Main Street, Suite 204. Diane Esposito is an intuitive healing arts practitioner/holistic coach, certified Reiki Master Teacher, Angelspeake and guided meditation facilitator. Esposito has a home office in Wallingford and now is excited to open a new office in Durham. She lived in Durham for 17 years and said, “The fair, Lino’s and Durham Market are all things that are part of our lives and memories. It’s like coming home.”

The idea behind Esposito’s work is to teach people to be able to teach themselves better ways to handle problems within their own lives. She exposes her clients to healing habits which she feels “empower the client; they are not here to fix anything, but it is a partnership. Sometimes it is just a boost in a certain area, used for maintenance, like one might get a massage every month, some might come for a monthly coaching session. It is not always for clients who have a problem.”

Esposito has a communication arts degree but feels that much of her coaching experience comes from life experiences. “I tried everything that didn’t work for so long and so hard,” she admits. “I learned a lot of coping skills and finally found the archway, so to speak. The coaching tips are what I really love.”

Esposito created her own program and wrote a mini book called Play, Heal, Love! She teaches the skills from her book to her clients during classes and workshops and also in one-on-one sessions.

What separates Esposito from other holistic practitioners is that she incorporates a variety of her skills from aromatherapy to Reiki, which is an ancient hand placement healing art, in her sessions. It is this blending of skills that works so well for her clients, Esposito says. The sessions complement medical and psychological treatment as alternative healing arts that work parallel to clinical management.

Visit or call Diane at 203-284-1204 to register for her Get Acquainted Tea and Talk, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

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