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Feng Shui and Maintenance of the Chakras with Emotional Freedom Technique

When we embrace the analogy of the human body as a vehicle and attend to its messages and responsibilities in a timely fashion, then we may open to limitless freedom for movement with joy. The chakras (energy centers of the human body aligned with the spine) and the physical body (protective framework) respond or react to our feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions or lack thereof in much the
same way as our favorite car—responds to the way we maintain it. Blocks or malfunctions are reflected in the chakras, which determine the quality of the energy that sustains the battery, the vehicle it powers and its ability to afford us a smooth ride.

Some of us tend to focus on the outer aspect of our vehicles, overdoing the washing, waxing and primping, or simply overthinking what’s needed without responding to those needs with inspired actions. Others will simply apply the checklist method for rotating the tires, oil changes and regular maintenance. Many of us have several checklists with no checks; so this method may result in all, some or none of the vehicle’s needs being met. We then may tend to justify what’s been unattended to with excuses. Whether we have an overwhelming attraction to the vehicle’s physical characteristics or the inner workings, or there is inattention to either or all of the aspects, we will reap the consequences. The key is to check in and pay attention to vehicle (body/mind/spirit) as a whole and all of its messages on a daily basis.

This is where feng shui comes into play; like motivation for the procrastinator, it empowers us to focus and flow with what is most important. Feng shui, with regard to the seven main chakras, is a process of integrating thoughts and habits that promote the flow of [+] energy while releasing those thoughts and habits that drain our energy. One of the most effective ways we may begin the practice of feng shui for the chakras is to ask ourselves empowering questions, because we are apt to be more mindful and to take timely, inspired actions. This combination of awareness and action creates a more pleasant, stable and balanced journey, even in the midst of unexpected challenges or situations.

The question is whether we allow the ride of our lives to be negatively impacted by our lack of mindful responses, ex-cessive overheating and a failed engine, or if we will choose to participate in the opportunity for a more enjoyable, comforting, and smooth-riding life. Whether we depend on warning lights and emotional red flags or engage in preventative maintenance determines the quality of the ride.

Here is where Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) comes in to reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress and enhance inspired thoughts and actions through acknowledging language and tapping on meridians or acupuncture points.

This process helps us to understand and respond with more clarity to the body’s messages. For example, consider the first, or root chakra, its corresponding color, red, and the aspect of vitality and movement it relates to. When we find ourselves feeling indifferent or enraged, those emotions drain and block us from our free-spirited movement with joy. When we use EFT, we may engage in feeling passionate and arrive at questions and statements that are rooted in love, rather than fear. We then tend to persist and thrive, especially when those questions and statements lead us to inspired actions and “habits that heal”. We feel the freedom and movement with joy of our well-maintained and smoothriding vehicle.

Diane Esposito is an intuitive healing arts practitioner and owner of Personal Harmony and Health LLC, in Wallingford. Contact her at 203-913-3869. See ad on page 33. September 2014 Natural Awakenings Magazine


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New business offers reflexology, healing arts in Durham

Published: Monday, October 03, 2011; Last Updated: Mon. Oct 3, 2011, 7:03pm

Press Staff

DURHAM — Specializing in energy balancing, Personal Harmony and Health is now open within the Durham Naturopathic Health and Wellness Center at 16 Main St., Suite 204. Not only does the center have a naturopathic physician, but now it also has Diane Esposito, a Reiki Master Teacher, who is also a clinically certified reflexologist, intuitive healing arts practitioner/holistic coach, Angelspeake and guided meditation facilitator.

“It’s just something I always had in the back of my mind,” Esposito said, “to be associated with a wellness center. And it happened.”

Though she’s been running an office for five years out of her home in Wallingford, Esposito said, she did some volunteer work for quite some time.  From teaching classes at various centers around the state about the basics of meditation to providing presentations on the healing arts at her local library, Esposito said, it’s “an enriching feeling” to have her own business — and be back in Durham.

“When I first started this business, if I had one client I would hold a class,” she said. “You wouldn’t believe the success I had because most people would say the class is canceled, but I didn’t do that. I did it with one, with two, with three and then eventually it just built from there.”

After having lived in Durham for 17 years, Esposito said, when the opportunity to open a second office in town arose, she had to take advantage. She initially was recommended to the owner of the center to teach Reiki and was later hired to provide her services. Esposito offers her clientele reflexology, angelic readings and aromatherapy. A portion of those services are offered at her Wallingford office.

As a part of her upbringing, Esposito was taught to talk to angels through prayer, so her profession that continues to flourish pretty much came “naturally,” she said.

Most of Esposito’s services are done in, what she calls, a healing room. The healing room, painted sky blue with art work framed on its walls, has lots of natural lighting. Esposito said she loves the privacy of the room and how it’s in the back on the center, sort of “tucked-in.” The room gives clients a space where they can feel like they’re “out of the hustle and bustle of everything,” she said.

“My interest in the healing arts began with my introduction to meditation,” Esposito said. “It taught me to be more of an observer than to get caught in the drama of life.”

The healing arts, she said, teaches an individual to “respond more effectively,” rather than react. Her practices teach people to in turn teach themselves how to make better life decisions.

“It’s like an eagle above the storm,” Esposito said. “It’s the perspective of having much more clarity.”

Esposito wrote a book called “Play, Heal, Love!,” which discusses the art of creating healthy relationships, but not just with friends, partners and family members, but with oneself. She said the core of the healing arts is “to address how people can take inspired actions to address their strengths.”

“All people want is to be seen, heard and understood,” Esposito said. “By checking in with self, you learn to treat others the way you treat yourself.”

Esposito does one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions with her clients. Reiki, an ancient hand placement healing art, is a “spiritually guided life force of energy rooted in love,” she said.

While Reiki can be performed hands-on, it depends on the laws of the state and the certification the teacher holds. Esposito said even hospitals are using Reiki before and after operations and doctors are finding that patients are healing faster and recovering much better. The practice, Esposito said, is viewed as equivalent to medical management.

Reflexology, another form of the healing arts, is an alternate medicine that involves the physical act of applying pressure to the hands, feet, ears and other areas of the body. It can help to alleviate stress, improve sleeping habits and increase energy. Esposito said it “deeply relaxes the whole body,” which explains why her clients come back so quickly for another session.

Daria Smith, of Southington, has been one of Esposito’s clients since 2007. Smith, also a friend to Esposito, said she typically receives holistic coaching and angelic readings, but she’s taken a bunch of meditation classes. What’s great about what Esposito does, she said, is how she uniquely integrates the healing arts during all of her sessions, which is “much more empowering.”

“I’m thrilled that she’s doing reflexology,” she said. “It’s a nice extension of the Reiki sessions.”

Both Esposito’s clients and family support her work, she said. Esposito’s husband is a Reiki III practitioner, while her daughter is a Reiki II practitioner, so they understand her passion for what she’s doing. She said her dream is to be able to do her job worldwide through telecast that way “there is no corner that doesn’t reach people.”

“My intention is for every person who leaves walks out that door feeling empowered,” Esposito said, “They don’t need me to fix them. I’m not there to fix them. They came and tapped into their strengths.”

To learn more about the healing arts visit or contact Diane at (203) 284-1204 to register for a Get Aquainted Tea and Talk informational on Wednesday, Oct. 19, from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


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