Angelspeake™ Class

Learn the Four Fundamentals of speaking with your angels.   Receive guidance on how to open more fully to the energy of “asking; believing/trusting; letting go; and gratitude” through a guided writing process.  Class materials are included.

All levels of experience with speaking to your angels, including those who wish to begin their exploration are invited.  We will discover the letting go process and the signs of inner peace.

Angelspeake Class 10/11/11



Diane was certified as an Angelspeake Facilitator during a 2001 trip to California by "Sisters Trudy Griswold and the late Barbara Mark, co-authors of the widely acclaimed Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels, The Angelspeake Storybook, The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing, and Heaven & Beyond: Conversations with Souls in Transition, are internationally known teachers, spiritual counselors, and angel experts. Their Angelspeake seminars have been featured on many national television and radio programs including ABC-TV's Good Morning America, CBS-TV's Leeza Show andEntertainment Tonight, and The Cristina Show on Univision, the Spanish speaking network."


Evening Class:  2nd Tuesday of each Month 6:30pm-8:30pm *denotes exceptions:

Dates: 2017 Group On-Line or Off-Site Class Dates by Request

Cost: $33 (Returning Angelspeakers $25/Cls.)

Contact Diane to choose your class date/s and for payment options to complete your reservation.

All payments are final.  "By making payment, you acknowledge that "Any and all services/information/products provided by Diane or Personal Harmony and Health LLC are never substitutes for licensed Medical or Psychological care."


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After attending an in-depth series of Diane's Angelspeake TM Classes and Meditation Classes, Kathy shares: " I want to send a heartfelt thank you...not sure if it was your doing...or the angel connection we had but we have been given the permission to engage with a loved one from time to time on the weekends,  so the fact that we will get to share our journeys from time to time warms my heart and elates me. :) Some wonderful things have happened since our last meditation;  planning to keep reaping in those benefits and feeling the wonderful gift of relaxation. :) Thanks for everything you do for each and every one of us. Your work is truly wonderful, amazing and most appreciated. Big hugs!"

Kathy Sweden, Newington, CT





"Hi, your Angelspeake Class had a real purpose tonight; kinda giving me goosebumps. You saw how connected another student (Deanna) and I felt when we found we had so much in common. Was it all coincidence? Our brothers (both challenged with cancer), our messages, our family history (Lithuanian), and the way we were seated, etc. You made comments about it. As we were leaving, (D) said she felt the need to give me a hug and I felt the same. I talked to her outside and we both were so surprised at how we felt about our mothers (who had passed) and how we missed their HUGS! We both, almost at the same time, said our moms were our best friends; how we'd give hugs to our moms and how we'd be so lucky to even be a little like them! As I was driving home, I got a very, very strong warm feeling and realized my mom hugged me through (Deanna) and her mom hugged her through me.  Honest, Diane, the feeling was soo strong; I know that's what happened. Just last week I talked to my mom and said I'd give anything for one more hug. I got it! Do don't doubt it. Thanks, Diane. this would not have been possible without your guidance. " Barbara C. Wallingford, CT

" Oh my goodness! I cant stop crying! I left your house with the most amazing feeling and was telling people today about how we connected and how I don't usually talk to people like that. I kept saying that it was like talking to my mom. I totally feel that she is correct! Thank you so much for all you do! You have helped so much during this healing process!" Deanna A., Wallingford, CT


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