Angelic Readings and Akashic Records Readings help you:

  • Receive Comfort, Guidance, Protection
  • Improve, Understand Relationships
  • Enhance Joy, Gratitude, Love
  • Create a More Pleasurable Present and Future

Angelic Intuitive Readings and Akashic Records Readings are intended to help you to move to the heart of your healingexpand self-awareness, and connect with divine guidance. They are dedicated to raise the vibration of the power of love within your life and beyond.

Angelic Intuitive Readings and Akashic Records Readings also tend to facilitate clarity and stress release by their nature.  They are non-invasive and may serve to empower your own connection to the angelic realm and Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones' respectively.  The messages may also be used to make subtle shifts in your thoughts, actions, and feelings to more fully honor and balance the human being with the human doing.

 **See Below for Hosting an Angelic Reading Party!

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Date/Time: By Appointment

Contact Diane  to reserve a session/party date and for payment options to complete your reservation.

Cost: $90 Per Hour with First Session at 75 Minutes

Cost: $45 Per 1/2 Hour

All payments are final

Individual Session by Phone or In-Person

Quantity Options

Visit Diane on Sunday, June 28th from 11am to 4pm at 

Broadway Open Markets on Broadway Island, 53 Broadway, New Haven, CT 06511

Receive: 10 Minute Readings Event Special: $10

Group Session @ PHandH

Cost: $45 Per Person Includes 30 Minutes: 15 Min. Private; 15 Min. Group

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Savings w/cash or check.


Also Available:

Looking for a something refreshing to spice up that special event or party and make it memorable? Or perhaps you are just looking for a little fun on Girls Night Out or a Angelic Evening with your loved ones...Host an Angelic Reading Party



Host an Angelic Reading Party  Cost: $250

2-1/2 hrs. Includes 15 Minute Group Intro to Angel Readings with Up to Seven 15-Minute Private Guest Readings.

Time Permitting: Each Extra Guest +$45 (To be Paid on Location)

Includes up to a 30 Mile Radius;  +$10 for Every 10 Extra Miles 

Cost: $250 30 Miles; $260 40 Miles; $270 50 Miles; $230 60 Miles 

Quantity Options

Online payment only allows access to pre-reserved session/party dates

All payments are final