Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner/Holistic Coach, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist, Angelspeake™ & Guided Meditation Facilitator, and Akashic Record or Angel Reader

  •  Inspires you to invest in your own quality of life
  • Helps you awaken to your highest potential, spiritual gifts and deepest desires

Dear Ones:

I am a compassionate spiritual being having a human experience, perhaps just like you.

I too have struggled, I have been rejected, and I have failed to understand matters in just one try as well as in many, many attempts. I persist anyway.

I have loved, I have lost, and I have laughed until my cheeks were sore and cried until my eyes were nearly swollen shut.  I love, laugh, and cry anyway.

I strive for excellence; and many times I come close and many times I miss the mark. I strive anyway.

The challenges of having raised a family and working in customer relations and service have expanded my understanding for processing impossible situations. I am willing to provide assistance when divine timing presents the opportunity.

Persistence, determination, and focus on what each encounter brings to light and what insights I may offer, help me to live in gratitude.

My degree in Communication Arts came much later in life with satisfying results. Education, to me, is not simply achieving specific results.  I believe that education expands our foundation for meeting life’s challenges, lessons, and changes.

Perhaps some of you feel the same way.  Education is like a telescope that broadens our understanding and provides new lenses that may add depth to our perception of age-old issues as well as new challenges.

My desire to teach has been with me since childhood.  I have studied with several masters, avidly read and integrated the works of many motivational speakers and writers. They have helped me to live in concert with my beliefs—beliefs which honor who I am and my divine purpose on this earth.

I am an intuitive and insightful light worker who brings out the wholeness in those I have partnered with.  Any examples of progress are shared only with permission and in a format that honors everyone’s privacy.

You are welcome to partner with me.

Limitless Blessings of Love, Light, and Joy!


P.S.  Words Awaken Our Deepest Desires

"I Am my Deepest Desire:  As is my desire, so is my intention.  As is my intention, so is my will. As is my will, so is my deed.  As is my deed, so is my destiny. As is my destiny, so I Am."
Diane C. Esposito - Inspired by Deepok Chopra and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad's orginal quote on destiny.



Healthways Wholehealth Networks, Inc.
MidState Hospital Complementary Medicine 
NAN - Nautural Awakenings Network
NCBTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Provider #813

Lectures, Classes: 

Wallingford Senior Center, Wallingford Public Library, Amity Adult Education, North Haven Adult Education, Masonicare, Southern Connecticut State College Health Fairs, Northeast Utilities WellAware Classes

Articles: featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine, Door Opener, New Haven Magazine, Golf Digest


Angelspeake™ Facilitator- 3/2/2001 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswald (Authors of the Angelspeake tm Series of Books)

Reiki I - 7/8/2000 Barbara Bertucio, RMT, RN, Kaurnatm Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki I & II- 11/2000 Angel Haines-Mizia, RMT, Clinical Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist, ACSW, LCSW, LMFT

ART/RMT - 10/8/2002 Effie Procopiou, RMT (trained by Richard, Hopi Indian)

Additional: 9/30/2007 RMT Attunement - Reiki Master Teacher Certificate (by Barbara J. Fasulo, RMT)

Master Teacher Magnified Healing® - 6/4/2001 Effie Procipiou, RMT, Master Teacher in Magnified Healing®
Kwan Yin "Mercy Means There is More Assistance Given Through Love Than Through Merit Earned." 

Reflexology Certificate - 8/30/2011 Barbara A. Ritchie, RMT, CHT, EFT-CC, Certified Clinical Reflexologist


EFT w/Approved Level I content- 11/3/2007 Cris jacobs, EFT - Advanced

EFT All Levels: Nick Ortner, Jessica Ortner - World Tapping Summit & Gary Craig Training Course

Eucharistic Minister: Notre Dame, Durham CT

Reiki I and II, ART, RMT Attunements - Barbara P. Schafer, RMT, RN, MSN, CS, APRN, Nurse Psychoterapist, Certified Healing Touch Instructor

RMT Attunement - Barbara Fasuolo, RMT Balanced Essence

Meditation and Psychic Development: John Gaudio

The Saint Francis Academy for Clinical Pastoral Training - Spring 2008

The Saint Francis Academy for Clinical Pastoral Training Advanced - Fall 2008 and Spring 2009

Degree:  AS Communications Arts - Middlesex Community College 2006 

An Every Breath, Every Step Gratitude Prayer - 
Thank You Dearest God for:

Friends Who Understand Me and Remain My Friends;
The Inspiration to Answer my Divine Calling which Expresses True Value and Enriches that which Unites Us in Love;
A Mind Willing to Travel, Even though the Trail be Not Blazed;
An Understanding Heart and Blessed Sense of Humor; 
Time devoted to Quiet, Silent Meditation and Feeling of the Presence of God; 
Patience to Allow for the Coming Of These Things with Wisdom to Recognize Them when they come. 

Thank You Dearest God for:

Giving Everyone the Desire to Attract to Themselves Everything they Need in order to Heal and express their deepest Desires and Destiny, including All the Above, only in the Highest Good, with the Deepest Gratitude; and This or Better.

Amen - OM -Have A Wonderful Life & Living!

Love, Diane

Source: Revised Prayer by Diane sent to me by Meg from Unkown Author.